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About You

-Gender: female
-Location: Maitland, Florida
-Sexual preference: straight
*Picture of yourself...or of anything: anything?? ill post both. i am crazy about pictures, so be prepared if i post alot.

me feeding myself music   the senior wall at my school. you can paint on it (only seniors though).

mmmmmm. finger.

a collage i made for my picture wall.



-Bands (5): Eisley, Sublime, No Doubt (back in tragic kingdom/ROS days), Queen, Green Day
-Movies (3):The Virgin Suicides, Donnie Darko, Empire Records
-Song: lol. i have so many, damn. uh... either the Save Ferris cover of 'Come On Eileen' or 'Love Cost' by Cassie Steele or 'Can anybody find me somebody to love' by Queen. 
-Actor: Jake Gyllenhal
-Actress: Scarlett Johansson
-Quote: '
-Color: Green
-Food: seafood
-TV Show: House? i dont really have one...i just watch TV and dont really care whats my favorite. lol

Your opinions on...

-Suicide?: Im not advocating it, but I think that for some people it might seem like the only way out of a twsited life or situation. but overall, im not in favor.

-Gay marriage?: for it. people can help who they love. everyone should be able to marry whoever they want to.

-Social groups (cliques)?: People can hang out in specific groups if they want, but as long as they are tolerant of the other social groups that are around. People shouldn't be assholes to other people just because they dont hang out in the same group of have the same social 'label'. i dont really believe in labels anyway.i just think everyone should be nice to everyone else, and if people cant be nice, then they can at least try to tolerate people they dont like.


This Or That

Black or White (non-racial):black
Coke or Pepsi:eh, neither
Star Wars or Star Trek: star wars
Beatles or Stones: beatles
Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs: Pulp Fiction
Oreos or Chips Ahoy!:Oreos
Guns N' Roses or Nirvana: Nirvana
Pen or Pencil:Pen
Mad Tv or Saturday Night Live:SNL



-Tattoos or piercings? (If so, where?): 3 piercings in each ear. the end.
-Pet peeves?: when people stereotype other people
-Hobbies?:singing, acting, music, writing lyrics, hanging out with friends, just acting stupid with other people, taking pictures and looking at pictures, editing pictures,etc.
-How'd you find the fuckingxawesome community? i randomly looked up the word 'toothbrushes' in the search thing for interests and saw this community.
-Why do you want to be in this community?: i think it would be cool to be considered fucking awesome.



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i forgot the quote.

here it is

They say that cupid loved the show 'my so-called life,' and when the show was canceled, cupid cried and cried and cried and decided that he was going to fuck up all of humanity. - Beau Sia
++Queen and sublime

+The free-paint senoir wall, thats fucking awesome

+your special

Oh, and +pulp fiction
+++empire records
++your quote, hahaha
+save ferris