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If You're Fucking Rad

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So fucking awesome
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The Fucking Awesome Rules

Please submit your application within 24 hours of joining FuckingxAwesome.
-Upon submitting your application, you will be judged by each of the 3 moderators (other users will also add their opinions) You will then be given a final judgement. So if you receive mixed opinions, don't freak out, just wait for your final judgement. If you are rejected, you will be banned. Fuck off, end of story.
-Don't fuck with the mods. Because when motherfuckers get angry, motherfuckers accidentally get banned.
-DuN tYpE LyK dIz. Fag.
-No fighting. You can criticize without having a fucking hissy fit. If we see anything that looks even close to a fight, one person or another will be banned.
-Don't Ask Don't Tell- We don't care about your political stance. If any political discussions arise, we will ban you immediately. Politically fueled discussions are not fucking awesome.
- Whenever the moderators vote on something, or hold a vote for the members, Majority Rules.
-Promote your communities, but please try to promote them under an LJ cut.
- PROMOTE US. You can make banners, and if they're good, we'll give you the right-away to use them. If not, don't bother submitting. :) You can use ours too!
-Moderators are infallible.

The Fucking Awesome Moderators

-sapphire_nights -Ashlee
-cabbages -Jess

Fucking Awesome Application
*** Please post appication in an LJ cut!***

About You

-Sexual preference:
*Picture of yourself...or of anything:



-Bands (5):
-Movies (3):
-TV Show:


Your opinions on...


-Gay marriage?:

-Social groups (cliques)?:


This Or That

Black or White (non-racial):
Coke or Pepsi:
Star Wars or Star Trek:
Beatles or Stones:
Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs:
Oreos or Chips Ahoy!:
Guns N' Roses or Nirvana:
Pen or Pencil:
Mad Tv or Saturday Night Live:



-Tattoos or piercings? (If so, where?):
-Pet peeves?:
-How'd you find the fuckingxawesome community?
-Why do you want to be in this community?:


Our banners for you to promote with

If you are officially accepted into fuckingxawesome you will see..


But if you're rejected, you'll see..


Any other questions? Contact one of the moderators.
a clockwork orange, air conditioning, american eagle, anne in the attic, around 7:00, art, bangs, black nailpolish, blondie, boy george, bras, buddha, buddhism, cameras, candles, cats, chai, chappelles show, chinese things, clean paper, coheed and cambria, come on eileen, comedy central, composition books, computers, coolattas, corn rolls, creamy eyeshadow, cucumber melon, dane cook, daria, diablo 2, donnie darko, dots, dunkin donuts, eating, exit 7, fall, fashion shows, fight club, fluffy clouds, fluorescent lights, gap, gattaca, glitter, graffiti, hackey sacks, hairspray, herbal essences, high heels, hollister, ice, jet, jews, ketchup, kill bill, knowing stupid things, kool-aid, lipgloss, lipton ice tea, looking at yearbooks, making fun of people, making people laugh, meditating, micheal jackson, mountain dew, mouthwash, movies, mudpies, mullets, murals, music, mustard, nailpolish, nazis, nirvana, o'grady, onitsuka tiger shoes, open neck t-shirts, pearl jam, pictures, pole dancing, popcorn, post it notes, power rangers, pulp fiction, pumas, quarters, queen, randomness, reading dates on pennies, recognizing smells, red lipstick, reservoir dogs, ringtones, rubber bands, rubber duckies, sand, scissors, sega genesis, sex and the city, shiny things, sleeping, socks, songs, south park, star trek, stars, stencils, styrofoam, summer, swearing, swimming, talking to you, tattoos, the beatles, the color yellow, the green mile, the jackson 5, the karate kid, the style network, the vines, the white stripes, the word nigga, toothbrushes, trainspotting, trogdor, uuuuummmmaaaaaaa, vandalizing, velvet revolver, vh1, walking, walking on the beach, watching moviess, water, winamp, wintergreen lifesavers, writing songs, yeah yeah yeahs