Jess. (cabbages) wrote in fuckingxawesome,

What the fuck is happening with this fucking shit-ass community?!

What the fuck indeed.

Ok, it would appear Ashlee and Laura have lost interest this community, so I'm thinking of teaming up with Corrine to breathe life back into this thing. It is essentially the love-child of Ashlee and Laura so I'm not planning on taking over and raping it up the ass, but rather creating a new community and stealing it's members and soul. The spirit of Fucking Awesome shall live on.

Still working out the details, but so far it looks like we'll be moving to another community with a different name. At the moment, the new community is riddled with unknowns, but as soon as I talk to Corrine I'll let you know what we come up with.

We might also change the type of the community instead of keeping it a mere rating community. Whatever it becomes, I'm sure it will retain every ounce of it's Fucking Awesome juju.
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